Liquid Digital & Learning Tools




Learn-iStock_1Our team at Liquid Digital bring our experience and expertise in education, curriculum development, training and media development skill together to develop engaging, empowering, rich media tools that captivate and inspire the minds of your students and workforce.

Understanding that education is a lifelong commitment which extends past the school classroom and is valued by successful companies to give the workforce the competitive edge, Liquid Digital is the ideal project partner to help repurpose your marketing and product development media elements for use in engaging and exciting rich media eLearning that students and workers see as a positive and empowering experience they look forward to - and so their retention and real-world application is predictably higher.


Applications For Our Learning Tools @ LiD

Curriculum/Corseware - Instructor lesson plans, student course guides, multi-modal subject matter presentation * Video Tutorials - Indexed Video On Demand step-by-step training developed as a training asset or as an embedded element of the eLearning process* eLearning - Rich media subject matter presentation with multi-styled quizzing and comprehension assessment * Learning management Systems (LMS) - Our training tools are able to be used in any of today’s LMS solutions * On-Location - Our staff are available to provide on-location training, workshops, lectures and seminars as well as project based field support