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We Are Creative


Larry6-CutoutWe are artists, software developers, animators, videographers, photographers, designers, educators, authors, musicians, scientists, innovators, business developers and more. .- but what’s that to you?

We put our creative and innovative business savvy to work for you in a way that is uniquely Liquid Digital! And, as a result, we are able to bring your projects to life by leveraging your ideas with our skills… delivering a win time and time again. Further, we address your needs as we marry our experience with the latest innovations in technology and business all intended to help you achieve more than you hoped for while keeping budgets and schedules on track.

At Liquid Digital we view animation as the computer assisted story telling process used to help our customers ideas reach their audience in ways that make them say WOW! We combine several specialized areas of animation to produce the imagery that inspires and engages the viewing public to be compelled to take action - and you win. With years of experience in TV and video production, we can help you better understand when video or animation most effectively tell your story within your schedule and budget.




The Use of digital media in entertainment is broad in spectrum. It’s important to have a production ally like Liquid Digital to integrate all the components of media such as audio, music composition, print, animation and video to deliver your entertainment product to a multi-medium market.