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LightBulb-iStock2Because today’s business opportunity isn’t limited to or (often mainly defined by) those you meet in person, your web site is your emissary, first contact and face of your organization. But what does your web site really need to do for your business to be a force-multiplier for your success, and who’s going to help you with that?

Beyond simply deigning and developing your web site, what is your web presence strategy to engage your public, your market, your target audience?

Not only do we answer these questions for you, we answer the questions that you may not yet know really affect your chance on online success by developing your online Marketing strategy.


How LiD Supports Your Web Presence Needs

Web Design - Instructor lesson plans, student course guides, multi-modal subject matter presentation * Web Development - Indexed Video On Demand step-by-step training developed as a training asset or as an embedded element of the eLearning process* CMS - Rich media subject matter presentation with multi-styled quizzing and comprehension assessment * Web 2.0 - We develop your social network presence and train your team in how to leverage such web 2.0 environments to engage your public. we also develop focused special purpose social networks to help you engage your teams and customers. * SEO - Our staff are available to provide on-location training, workshops, lectures and seminars as well as project based field support