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WaterBoole-1At Liquid Digital we view animation as the computer assisted story telling process used to help our customers ideas reach their audience in ways that make them say WOW! We combine several specialized areas of animation to produce the imagery that inspires and engages the viewing public to be compelled to take action - and you win. With years of experience in TV and video production, we can help you better understand when video or animation most effectively tell your story within your schedule and budget.


Types of Animation @ LiD

Environmental - Realistic animation of nature and the great outdoors * Motion Graphics - Programatic broadcast styled animation commonly used for commercials and TV openings * Character - Bringing human, animal or other characters to life * Pre-Visualization (Previz) - Fly through of architectural or product designs * Fluids - Advanced simulation and animation of fluids and gases * Physics - Gravity and collision based animation of rigid and soft objects sometimes used in forensic court room animation * Animusic - Music driven animation * Simulation/Game Design - Real-time animation with physics, user interaction and pre-animated elements * Talking Heads - Facial realistic animation of any photograph of a face